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[slide name=”What is a personal umbrella liability policy?”]

The personal umbrella liability policy is an insurance contract designed to accomplish two goals.

  1. First, it increases the liability protection beyond what the policy owner already has in his or her homeowners and automobile insurance policies.
  2. Second, the personal umbrella policy is designed to fill in the gaps in a policy owner’s liability coverage since several types of liability exposures exist that are not covered by automobile and homeowners policies.


Together with homeowners and automobile insurance policies, broad personal liability protection is attained through the purchase of a personal umbrella policy.


[slide name=”How do I know if I need a personal umbrella liability policy?”]

It used to be that the only people who needed personal umbrella liability policies were wealthy individuals who had sizable amounts of personal assets that would be at risk in a lawsuit.

However, in our very litigious society, many people are realizing that they have a need for more liability insurance than what is provided under their homeowners and automobile insurance policies. The personal umbrella policy is ideally suited to provide this protection.





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