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Friendly Assistance

Commercial Insurance

Perspective changes everything. This is especially true when it comes to managing your risk. You deserve a trusted advisor who will seek to truly understand your business, who will actively listen to your concerns and who will collaboratively develop a plan to reduce both direct and indirect costs. TLIG will match and adapt risk management strategies to your situation through a total cost of risk approach.

Personal Insurance

With TLIG, you’ll have more than an insurance agent; you’ll have an adviser and advocate who is focused on helping protect you from the unpredictable and unexpected. Our proactive, personal approach is designed to create and foster an ongoing dialogue and helps ensure that your personal insurance coverage keeps pace with your lifestyle. We continually strive to be better, do more and provide you the right level of protection for years to come.

Risk Management

You need an advisor who listens, asks the right questions, connects the dots and delivers meaningful insight. How does TLIG evaluate your risks? By first starting with a comprehensive review and analysis of your business, your existing program and current coverages. Only after careful examination can we begin to understand your business, your unique operations and the issues and challenges that you face. Let TLIG help develop a risk management strategy that fits your business and safeguards your bottom line.

What We Offer

TLIG was founded based on a single premise; most businesses and individuals are underserved with regard to the level of consultation, risk management and insurance advice that is typically provided by their insurance agent or broker. As is often the case, many individuals don’t know or don’t understand what their current insurance policies cover, the exclusions that take away coverage, the endorsements that give-back – and at times reduce or eliminate – coverage and the conditions that must be met in order for coverage to apply at the time of loss. We do more than simply “sell you a policy”. We provide you with the tools, resources and information you need in order to make an informed and educated insurance purchasing decision.

About Us

TLIG is a full-service professional independent insurance agency serving clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our Agency prides itself in only representing the most respected and financially secure insurance companies available in the marketplace. We provide a broad array of services and products tailored to meet the needs of both businesses and individuals alike. Whether its homeowners insurance, auto insurance or business insurance, TLIG takes a keen interest in you, the Client, and develops an insurance and risk management solution to meet your unique and individual risk exposures.

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We have over 20 years experience providing expert advice.


A knowledgeable, enthusiastic team of agents are always here to help.


Our insurance specialists ensure you get the optimum coverage.

As a trusted insurance advisor, we offer much more than an insurance policy to cover your assets – we provide a comprehensive approach to supplement and support your organization.


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